Happy Memorial Day!

Spent the morning watching my sons in the Plymouth Canton Marching Band, playing in the Plymouth Memorial Day parade. They sounded awesome as usual. This was the start of their 2012 season. Can’t wait to see how their competitive show comes together this year as they compete for MCBA State Championship and Bands of America Grand National Championships. Go PCMB!!!

And a big thank you to all the veterans who have given their service over the years to ensure that United States remains a free country. I salute you.

Canton Cup

Just finished watching a great weekend of youth soccer at the Canton Cup. My daughter’s team made it to the finals, but lost a hard fought final game 3-1. You could see the determination on the team faces. Hard to believe that the soccer season is almost over and that summer is here. My daughter has shown so much improvement over the years, and scored a great game winning goal on Friday. She makes her Dad proud.