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I thought this would be an easy blog topic. Look at my family tree and write about a soldier that was part of the American Revolutionary War. I did a search for United States between 1775 and 1887 using the “Who Was There List” report found in RootsMagic 5. Almost all of the results that were shown were listed in Michigan.  I found a few marriages shown at Michilimackinac during the early 1700’s.  However the fort located here was under British control during the American Revolution, and was moved from Mackinaw City to become Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island in 1780.  This move occurred because the British believed the fort was too vulnerable to American attack.  Strike 1. 

Upon further searching, I found a 3rd cousin, 7th removed, Francois Louis Picot De Beletre who was married at Fort de Chartres, Prairie du Rocher, Randolph, Illinois, United States in 1762.  Hurrah, here is my link to the Revolutionary War, I thought.  But a quick search gave this history of the Fort, found at http://www.ftdechartres.com/page/page/1396754.htm

France surrendered Illinois, along with most of its North American possessions, to Great Britain in the 1763 Treaty of Paris that ended the Seven Years’ War. British troops of the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment took possession of Fort de Chartres on October 10, 1765 in a carefully choreographed transfer ceremony.  The British made little use of their new possession, which they renamed Fort Cavendish. Military engineers attempted to control erosion caused by the Mississippi, which already threatened to swallow the south wall. But British military leaders in North America soon deemed the fort of little practical value and ordered it abandoned in 1771, ending its use as a military post.  The futility of controlling the river’s erosion of the fort was underscored in 1772, when the south wall and bastions collapsed into the Mississippi.

Strike 2. 

My last hope was among the large number of ancestors found in the Detroit area.  Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit was built in 1701 by the French.  It remained under French control until 1760, when it turned over to British control as a result of the British victory during the French and Indian War.  According to Wikipedia, “During the American Revolutionary War, Detroit was far to the west of the main area of action. The fort’s main contribution was to arm American Indian raiding parties who attacked American settlements to the southeast.  Under terms negotiated in the Jay Treaty, Fort Detroit, Fort Lernoult and the surrounding settlement was surrendered by the British to the Americans on July 11, 1796, 13 years after the Treaty of Paris ended the war and gave the area to the United States.”  All of my relatives that I have in the Detroit area are of French-Canadian origin, so I do not believe that any of them were involved in the British military efforts.  Strike 3.

So my efforts to find my Revolutionary War link has failed.  But I have learned a lot about of the some of the forts around Michigan.  So I consider this post a success.

Francois Barthelemy Leduc / Marguerite Major

Here is a look at Eugene’s Great-Grandfather.  It includes the story of how this Leduc line moved from Québec to the Detroit area, which includes the southern coast (Essex, Ontario, Canada).

8.  Francois Barthelemy Leduc

 Father:  Thomas Leduc

Mother: Marie Angélique Cuillerier

Born in 1783 in L’Île-Perrot, Québec, Canada.

 Died on 30 Apr 1862 at the age of 79 in Saint-Timothée, Québec, Canada.

According to the published genealogy  “Ancestry of William Leduc of Detroit, Michigan by His daughter Addie Leduc Morton”

Francis Barthelmy and Marguerite lived at Saint-Timothee, Québec, Canada, but moved to Detroit, Michigan, leaving on October 31, 1834 and arriving in May 1835.  They came with their six youngest children (Judith Angelique, Toussaint C, Louis, Michel, Josephine, Euphrosine) and the husband of their daughter Angelique, who had married Louis L’Arrive.  They left on two sleighs with two teams, but when they got to York, now Kingston, Canada, the snow was gone, so they stopped there, and many of them worked there for awhile and then continued on their journey, arriving in Windsor, Canada, in early 1835. Their eldest daughter Marguerite, who had married Felix Charrbonneau, also came to Detroit soon after with his family to reside in Detroit.  Their eldest son, Ambrose had married, and did not leave Canada. We do not know when or where Marguerite (Boutron) Leduc died but think while on a visit back to Canada.  Francis Barthelmy Leduc made several visits back to Canada, and died there April 30, 1862, aged 79 years.  He is buried at St. Louis, near St. Timothee, Canada.

Married to Marguerite Major on 19 Oct 1807 at Île Perrot, Québec, Canada.

9.  Marguerite Major,

 Father  Louis Boutron dit Major

 Mother Marguerite-Véronique Toupin

Born on 11 Jul 1785 in L’Assomption, Québec, Canada.

Francois Barthelemy Leduc and Marguerite Major had the following children:

            i.   Ambroise Leduc, born 2 Mar 1809, Île Perrot, Québec, Canada; married Judith Leger, 12 Feb 1833, Saint-Timothée, Québec, Canada.

           ii.   Marguerite Leduc, born 10 Dec 1810, Soulanges, Les Cedres, Québec, Canada; married Felix Charbonneau, 24 Feb 1829, Saint-Timothee, Beauharnois, Québec, Canada; died 23 Dec 1883, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

           iii.   Judith Angelique Leduc, born 4 Mar 1813, Île Perrot, Québec, Canada; married Louis Arrivee, 27 May 1834, Saint-Timothée, Québec, Canada; died Apr 1868, Unknown.

           iv.   Toussaint C Leduc, born 14 Jan 1816, Saint-Timothée, Québec, Canada; married Adelaide Boulay, 14 Jan 1840, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States; died 6 Aug 1882, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

           v.   Louis Leduc, born 10 Sep 1818, Saint-Timothée, Québec, Canada; married Margarite St. Jean, 28 Feb 1843, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States; died 25 Jul 1876, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

           vi.   Michel Leduc, born 23 Sep 1823, Les Cèdres, Québec, Canada; married Marguerite Nantais, 23 Feb 1846, Sandwich, Essex, Ontario, Canada; died 23 Mar 1882, Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada.

           vii.   Josephine Leduc, born 11 Oct 1819, Soulanges, Québec, Canada; married Peter Bouteille, 12 Jan 1841, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States; died 1845, Unknown.

           viii.   Euphrosine Leduc, born 1 Nov 1826, Saint-Timothee, Beauharnois, Québec, Canada; married Jean Baptiste Laurain, 11 Jan 1847, Sandwich, Essex, Ontario, Canada; died 29 Nov 1908, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

           ix.   Anonyme Leduc was born on 24 Feb 1831 in Saint-Timothee, Beauharnois, Québec, Canada.He died on 24 Feb 1831 at the age of 0 in Saint-Timothee, Beauharnois, Québec, Canada. He was buried on 26 Feb 1831 in Saint-Timothee, Beauharnois, Québec, Canada.