Eugene C. LaDuke

I have been tracking my family history off and on for more than 15 years now.

Ancestor #1, the starting point for my research, is my Grandfather Eugene C. LaDuke (Leduc).

 Born : 18 Apr 1890 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

The year of birth has been reported as 1888 (20 years old according to marriage record in 1908), 1889 on his WWI Draft Registration Record, 1890 on his Baptism Records, and 1892 on his funeral card.

 Baptized:  27 Apr 1890 at Saint Joachim in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States. (Roman Catholic)

 Marriage #1  1 Aug 1908 in Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada.

Children:  2 daughters.

 Marriage #2  2 May 1928 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

Children: 4 sons.

 Occupation:  Mechanic, Machinist, Tool Grinder (Ford Motor Company, Highland Park), and a Salesman in a Candy Store.

 Died: 15 Feb 1940 at the age of 49 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States.The casue of death was a heart attack.

Buried: 17 Feb 1940 at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Section 51, Tier 56, Space 781, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

His Funeral held at John J. Piorkowski Funeral Home, 3373 Trombley, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

He was also known as Jean and Gene LaDuke and his baptism record shows his name as Clarentins Eugene Leduc.

 Eugene was the first generation of this Leduc line born in the United States, The youngest of the 4 children of Israel Jacob Leduc and Aurelia Massicot.  He spent his entire life living in the city of Detroit, Michigan.

 Because he died so young, his life was a mystery to my family.  My research over the years has shown some interesting history in his ancestors, which is 100% French Canadian.  This blog will tell the tale of his ancestors, with the hope of connecting to distant cousins, and helping others out.

4 thoughts on “Eugene C. LaDuke

  1. Thanks you for sharing such a wonderful family ancestry page.
    I am James Lewis Nantais. My ancestry goes back to France with a Pierre Gregoire

  2. As you know Matt I am another cousin. Eugene was also my grandfather. My grandmother was Margaret Lambert-LaDuke. My mother was Katherine LaDuke-Thompson and was Eugene’s eldest child. I obviously never met him since I was born March 10, 1941. My sister told me that she met him once when our mother took her to meet him at a bar and that he gave her a five dollar bill. There are additional stories but probably not for this media. Eugene Wesley Thompson

  3. Good to hear from you again. Eugene died when my father was 6, so he did not have many memories. And my grandmother never had much to say about him either. But his legacy lives on through his descendents.

    Matt LaDuke

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