Israel Jacob Leduc / Aurelia Massicot

This is the vital facts on the 2nd generation of the Leduc family that I am tracing.  I have talked to some cousins over the years that link up to this generation and would love to reconnect again.  So if this information is familiar to you please leave a comment. 

Second Generation (Parents of Eugene LaDuke)

2. Israel Jacob Leduc

Born on 21 Oct 1854 in Sandwich, Essex, Ontario, Canada.
Birthday may be 20 Oct 1854.

Died on 11 Jun 1942 in Ecorse, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

Buried in Jun 1942 at Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery in Ecorse, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

Also buried at same plot is his wife Aurelia, and daughter Anna.

Alt Name: On headstone is Jacob Leduc.

Father Michel Leduc (1823-1882).
Mother Marguerite Nantais (1827-1908).

Interesting note: There is another Israel Leduc who was born about 1855 in Ontario and lived in the Metro Detroit Area. I had confused some Census reports until I looked at details closer.

Married on 6 Sep 1881 at Saint Anne in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

3. Aurelia Massicot

Born on 27 Oct 1855 (1854 on headstone) at Saint Charles in Newport, Monroe, Michigan, United States.

1870 Census showed her residence as Berlin, Monroe, Michigan, United States.

Died on 5 Apr 1936 in Ecorse, Wayne, Michigan, United States.

Alt name: Aureline or Aurilia Francisca.

Alt surnames : Messicote, Messicotte, Mexicotte, or Maxicot.

Father Jean Baptiste Massicot (1816-1893).
Mother Aurelia Gervais (1831-1874).

Israel Jacob Leduc and Aurelia Massicot had the following children:

i. Anna Leduc was born 11 Jun 1884 (1882 on headstone). She died in 1937.

ii. Beatrice Leduc was born 15 Dec 1885. She died in 1967.

iii. Jean Leduc was born 6 Dec 1886 or 1888. Death date is unknown.
1 iv. Eugene C. LaDuke, born 18 Apr 1890, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States; died 15 Feb 1940, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States. See previous post for details.

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  1. Hello Matt…I am Eugene Thompson. Eugene LaDuke was my grandfather also. My mother Katherine was his oldest daughter. Her mother’s name was Margaret. His next daughter was also named Margaret but was know as Peg. They lived on the Eastside of Detroit. Eugene abandoned his family and left them to survive on their own. My mother was 15 years older than her sister….apparently there was a brief re-connection between our grandfather and my grandmother. My mother dropped out of school when she was 16 in order to support her mother and infant sister.

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